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The Pro-Tec System One trailer security system is designed to monitor and protect the trailer and its contents. Any movement of the trailer or opening of a door will trigger the alarm. This will cause the siren to blast, running lights to flash, and the electrical brakes to be applied, making movement impossible.

Our state-of-the-art trailer security systems, enclosed trailer alarms and trailer alarm systems feature a control unit, transmitters, and remote control. Options now available with cellular notification (PTS-2C), up to 1/2-mile pager (PTS-2P) and GPS (PTS-2G).

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If you are looking for a trailer alarm system or trailer security system for your race car, toy hauler, horse trailer, or travel trailer with great features and a quick and easy installation, then you have come to the right place.

Are you in a band or are you a DJ? Protect your equipment.

This is not a modified car alarm like other systems out there. It was specifically designed with trailer security in mind.

Find out why we are the best trailer alarm security system on the market and have been since 1996.

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Pro-Tec System One. World Class Trailer Alarm and Enclosed Trailer Security Systems.