The complete Pro-Tec PTS-2 Manual can be found here.

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Toy Hauler Installation

Our wiring schematic HERE.


Keypad Wiring
wiring diagram for keypad
Cell Unit Wiring
wiring diagram for cellular unit

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Connecting to Your Brakes
Cell Unit Wiring
Understanding the Aux Port

Video Guides

Testing the Tilt Sensor
Testing Board & Door Sensors

Video Guides

Adding an Opening
Choosing a Case Size

Video Guides

Re-Syncing a Key Fob
How Many Key Fobs Can I Use?

This installation was performed by one of our customers who was considerate enough to document his process.

A complete parts list and pictures can be found here.

Video Guide

Solar Panel Installation

Video Guides

Keypad Programming
Function of the Switch
Alarm Codes Explained